Let's go deep,

Let's talk about crystals

Quartz crystals

Valuable to modern science
are the same that have been
used ancestrally for healing

Crystals help us

recognize the source of suffering
and release it to reconnect
with our authentic self

Re-connect to your authentic self with the ancestral wisdom and modern science of crystal energy

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Did you know that quartz crystals

Have been used for different purposes since ancient times by different cultures around the world? Including Ancient Egypt and Greece, Hindus and Chinese, Mayans and Incas and different aborigine tribes in Africa and Australia? And that there are more than 200 hundreds references of stones and crystals in The Bible?

Did you know that beyond the belief that crystals only belong to the new age cycles, crystals have made possible the technological era? Running most of our electronic and digital devices from smartphones, credit cards, computers, watches and digital cameras to LCD TV, medical devices and navigation systems. It's estimated that ten billion quartz crystals are used every year for this.

Your mindset is built on

All the beliefs and behaviors you learned from your parents and caregivers, culture and religion.

The repetition of others stories, including traumas and wounds, can lead you into a vicious cycle of repetitive patterns, preventing you from creating and living your authentic story.

For me, the source of suffering
is the lack of self-authenticity

Crystal energy pours light into the blind spots where lies the learned information decluttering all that is not yours, bringing healing and change; leading you to the life you were meant to live.